"I love your site; in fact I'm addicted to it.... I started learning Mandarin with Rosetta Stone, but find Popup Chinese so much more relevant."
-- D. Andrews, entrepreneur
"I am finding Popup Chinese such an absolute pleasure that I am torn between enrolling in 7th and 8th semester Chinese classes or continuing my Chinese studies solely with your site."
-- R.J., student
Popup Chinese is the cat's meow....
-- David Moser, Academic Director CET
If you want to learn Chinese online Popup Chinese is the best service I have found.
-- Bill Bishop, Founder Marketwatch
I absolutely love, love, love your site/company. What you all have done with learning Chinese is absolutely wonderful, and deserves some type of Nobel Prize for language learning!  You have no idea how many years of boring textbooks I've been through, or maybe you do and that's why you've started this :-)
-- J.N., sinophile
Popup Chinese strikes me as having a better 'attitude' to Chinese studies, and offers a bit more depth than other providers.
-- East Asia Student
Popup Chinese is a godsend
-- E. Shea, student
The lessons are consistently full of win.... Both the dialogues and the explanations are entertaining and the language in them is very useful. So basically the opposite of using the conventional textbooks that have guided my first couple of years of studying Chinese.
-- Mark's China Blog
There are so many Chinese teaching websites out there, but 99% of them are pure junk, or actually harmful for learning Chinese.  I really hope good content like yours will pop out and last.  If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
-- C.X., Chinese parent
I was amazed on my last trip to China, because I went to Taiyuan, where they say "pingr". I heard it first on Popup Chinese! The conversations on the site at first sounded slurred, but now I notice that that is the way people speak. I listen to my older teaching materials and they are slow and too perfect.
-- E.H., engineer
I'm really enjoying Popup Chinese... the authentic sound and pace of the dialogues - even the elementary lessons are spoken at the actual speed you'll hear people speak here, and loaded with kouyuhua.
-- Richard, PekingDuck.org
I've lived for 30 years and Pop Up Chinese is one of the few amusements that convinces me to delay death each day.
-- Anonymous